Unique Art Interior Design goes far beyond decorating. We the Interior Designers have a profound impact on people's lives by creating the surroundings, in which they live, work and play. Interior Design Arts environment. Combining knowledge, analysis and research with aesthetic vision, creativity and discipline; We work closely with our client to develop unique design solutions that are eye catcher in every room.

Should you see something you like and it has already been sold you can, as you can with all our pieces shown on our site, commission a similar piece. For more information about what we do as well as on all our products and prices please Contact Us.



24K Love Sideboard
Gold & Ultramarine Blue Vintage Vase
Handpainted Suitcase
Tara - Wall Sculpture
Gaia - Wall Sculpture
Free Speech is precious - The Black Guardian - Sculpture
Mandarava - Wall Sculpture
Antu - Wall Sculpture